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IRUDESCA is financed by the European Union through the Erasmus + Programme, and contributes to improve higher education and strengthen regional integration from the academic world and by promoting entrepreneurship.  With a 2-year duration, this project is developed by a consortium comprised of 14 Central American universities (Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras), the Consejo de Universidades de América Central, 3 European universities and dinamia, as the organization conducting the project monitoring and overall evaluation.

Aiming at promoting the development of innovative and environmentally-sustainable business ideas, enhancing undergraduate students skills and employability, and developing new learning methodologies with a business cooperation and regional integration approach, IRUDESCA carries out the followwing lines of action:

  • Higher-education innovative training modules directed at Central American students from participating universities.
  • Development of entrepreneurial projects (“proyectos de emprendimiento empresarial” or PEE).
  • International Trainee Programme (“programa internacional de prácticas” or PIP) fostering relationships among universities and businesses in Central America.

This project integrates the theoretical and practical vision of the economic and productive sector into the higher-education world through Assisted Management (“gerencias asistidas” or GA), a new student tutoring system based on a university-company mix coaching approach.


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