we are dinamia

dinamia is the product of a collective commitment to quality consulting which is able to adapt to the needs of institutions, organisations and groups of individuals.

In 2004, a group of experts from different professional backgrounds in the cooperative sector in Madrid came together to found a social consultancy driven by a vision of change and vitality: to make the economy work for people.

More than 10 years have gone by since the cooperative was created, and dinamia continues to be a shared workspace with a large, versatile team of committed experts who understand business as a means not an end. A team which views consultancy through the lens of solidarity, sustainability, equality and transformation to bring about change.


As a partner of Mercado Social Madrid dinamia shares the values and principles of the solidarity economy and we’re committed to transparency in our cooperative.  That’s the reason why we participate in the Balance Social, an analytical tool that helps us to evaluate our labor policy, our internal democracy, equality, social commitment or the environmental sustainability of our actions. This audit allow us to measure our progress, to reflect about our internal organization and to think how we can face up to new challenges to continue being a socially responssible entity.

Sello del Balance Social de Dinamia Consultoría Social como cooperativa perteneciente a la economía solidaria

how we work

Unlike a standardised, homogeneous, hermetic consultancy, our work is characterised by a quest for dynamism, dedication and creativity. dinamia considers its added value to lie in its openness to new directions and new challenges in the social, economic and cultural realms.
That’s why the people we work with embody these values.

We believe our work can play a key role in changing organisational and social discourses and practices by promoting strategies, policies and programmes based on social co-responsibility, being careful to adopt a gender perspective and sustainability as central premises.

This commitment implies the adoption of certain values and behaviours, as well as of specific practices in the different working areas in which we operate, that is, in employment and in business, in community life as a whole, and in society more generally.


At dinamia, our social consultancy is driven by constant change and attention to new and innovative processes, and we seek to contribute to social processes through an understanding of their specific, unique and unmodellable nature. There’s no place for formulae here. dinamia views consultancy as a space for contact and cooperation between social, economic and cultural actors. A collaboration born of strength, interaction, acquired knowledge and mutual responsibility.

Our methodology involves constant analysis of the different environments in which we operate, allowing us to reflect our social and economic contexts. On this basis, we then adopt new methods which make it possible to plan and optimise the use of resources, make estimates and observe trends which we then apply in our consulting work.

Using a participatory, collaborative model, we develop strategies, steer processes, carry out technical work and facilitate the generation and transmission of applied knowledge; in essence, we support public institutions, as well as organisations, companies and social economy entities, to achieve their objectives, ambitions and dreams.

our team

dinamia is made up of a team of professionals who understand consultancy as an interdisciplinary process. Our team includes experts in sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, environmental engineering, psychology and the humanities. We eschew the ‘segmentation’ of knowledge and promote an ecology of wisdoms which seeks to combine the necessary expertise with a comprehensive overview of the policies, programmes and projects of those we support.

For that reason, at dinamia we prefer to create teams of professionals with different experience, backgrounds and skills. At dinamia, consultancy involves daily feedback and discussion. And this activity doesn’t only take place within our cooperative, but also with our clients and partners, acknowledging the need to identify and generate spaces for improvement and innovation on an ongoing basis. Our service portfolio reflects our own skills in constant dialogue with the contexts in which we work. Everything changes. Everything must be constantly updated.

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